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Name : Katie Holmes
 Birth Date : Monday, December 18, 1978
 Birth Place : Toledo, Ohio, US
Eye Color : Hazel

Birth Name : Kate Noelle Holmes
Height : 5' 9"
Ethnicity : English, German and Irish
Hair Color : Brown

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Katie Holmes Biography

     Age: 39  born on Monday, December 18, 1978

      Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Katie Holmes acted in high school theater before meeting a manager who encouraged her to go to LA for television's pilot season. She won a part in the acclaimed feature film The Ice Storm in her second audition,

      A videotape was sent to "Dawson's Creek", a new production by the acclaimed writer Kevin Williamson, which landed her the series regular role of Joey Potter.

      So when she was seventeen, Katie went to Los Angeles to audition for movies. On just her second audition, she was cast in the movie, The Ice Storm, directed by Ang Lee in 2007

      After Kevin Williamson received her audition tape for his new show, "Dawson's Creek", the producers wanted her to come to Hollywood right away and read live for them resulting in her getting the part of "Joey Potter".

      During her first year with "Dawson's Creek", Katie was able to do two movies, "Disturbing Behavior" and "Go" For Disturbing Behavior, she won Best Breakthrough Female Performance in the 1999 MTV Movie Awards.

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